New Disaster "Last Night Rites"

02/24/2008 · Drunken Ship Records/Textone/Cargo/NOTT · DSRND01

Last Night Rites was New Disaster’s debut release. The full-length album was recorded in Austin, TX at the legendary Arlyn Studios and New Disaster’s own recording studio, L.A. Blonde Studios. Kyle Wadge engineered most of the undertaking.

Various versions of this album exist. The first version (around 250 copies) was mixed by Alex McNichols and was reproduced on CDRs. This rare album cover features model Rachel Ehrenberg and included an extra song (“Dead Won’t Die”). The current version was pressed onto CDs, mixed by Andy Johns, and released in Europe by Textone Records/Cargo and everywhere else by New Disaster’s own label, Night on the Town Records.