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Fresh off of a European tour promoting "Mockingbirds", the boys and girl of Nowherebound immediately hunkered down in Natchet's infamous Bunker Studio in East Austin to start production of their newest full-length album, "All We Got Is Everything To Lose". Production wrapped up in only a couple of months, but the result is some of the most intricate and thought out material from the band to date.

Originally conceptualized as an acoustic record, the album evolved into a "softer-than-Mockingbirds" electric album while still maintaining the brash anthemic punch and Irish-Folk swagger the band is now well-known for. This is absolutely a classic, sing along, raise your fist, Nowherebound album with songs like "Orchards of Gold", "The Tides", "Sing Her Out" and "Erin Go Home", however, "AWGIETL" stretches out and expands into production and sonic experimentation with songs like "Dread Silence", "Fade To Black", "Sudden Desperation", and "Settle Up Down The Road". All of the songs on this record seem to flow together, making the album a whole entity, easily listened to as one piece of music. A definite must-have for your record collection.


  1. Orchards of Gold
  2. The Tides
  3. Sing Her Out
  4. Dread Silence
  5. Til the Anchor Breaks
  6. Fade to Black
  7. Sudden Desperation
  8. St. Christopher
  9. Calluses
  10. Erin Go Home
  11. Settle Up Down the Road