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Nowherebound's ambitious second offering, "II", is a double album recorded mostly in the winter of 2012 at the infamous Slaughterhouse Studios in South Austin, Texas. True to the standards set by the debut album "The Songs of Broken Men", "II" weaves together heartfelt tunes with vulnerable lyrics, hauntingly sparse melodies with raucous anthemic sway; running the musical gambit with its tales of loss, love, brotherhood, and life on the road. Split between two discs ("Highway Gospels" and "Three, Two, One").


  1. Stories Out of Key
  2. The Last Girl
  3. Hey There Johnny
  4. Little Bird
  5. Songs Who Got Away
  6. Paper Planes
  7. A Slice at Frisco's
  8. Follow Me Home
  9. Dancing on Their Grave
  10. This One You Leave Behind
  11. Where Do I Start
  12. Drunken Choirs
  13. I'll Leave the Light On
  14. The Last One Home
  15. Of All of the Angels
  16. Born to Lose
  17. Yellow Brick Road
  18. If You Don't...
  19. Open Hand
  20. When You Got Nothing
  21. Sweet Dreams