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"Carry On, Caulfield - N.B. Five & 1/2" is a collection of acoustic demos and b-sides from Nowherebound's fifth album "Hearts & Arrows". Recorded in Nowherebound bassist Clint Baker's studio, this six-song offering is reminiscent of early Nowherebound recordings but with more clarity and a higher caliber of production. While some of the tracks may be originally recorded as demos, they stand alone on their own and offer a depth and additional aspects to the final imaginings. There are four acoustic versions of songs released on "Hearts & Arrows" ("Carry On", "78702", "Burnt Out Stars", and "Nothing But Good To You") as well as two tunes that did not make the final album release ("Battle for the Republic" and "18 Countries").


  1. Battle for the Republic (H&A Demo)
  2. Carry On (H&A Demo)
  3. 78702 (Acoustic)
  4. Burnt Out Stars (Acoustic)
  5. Nothing But Good to You (Acoustic)
  6. 18 Countries (H&A Demo)