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New Disaster’s second release, Automanic, was recorded in Georgetown, TX at Island Music Studios by Aaron Kemkaran at the very beginning of 2008.

Automanic features two covers amongst a torrid flurry of original New Disaster blasters. “Emerald”, one of the Disaster boys’ favorite Thin Lizzy tunes, accompanies “Hard Road”, an obscure Stevie Wright rocker, on the album as Disasterfied tributes to the rock hymns of the past. These songs are not available for download here on Bandcamp.

The album offers some of the rowdiest ND material to date, yet is balanced by songs like the Stones-esque swagger-piece called Hindsight’s 20/20 (featuring Erik Larson on guitars and background vocals) and the intense guitar-driven closer Bones and Ashes. During these sessions, New Disaster re-recorded “Dead Won’t Die” for the LP.


  1. Shotgun Facelift
  2. Automanic
  3. Half Past Redemption
  4. Full Business
  5. Hard Road
  6. Turncoat
  7. Dead Won't Die
  8. Real Rock Chic
  9. Last Ride
  10. Bottoms of Bottles
  11. Hindsight's 20-20
  12. Bones and Ashes