Disko Wolves Merch Bundle Disko Wolves


Howl at the moon! Get your limited edition Disko Wolves Pink Logo merch bundle today. Show that feral rock n' roll side of you and support one of Austin's most rock'n'rollingest bands!

Here's what you get:
1 Black Disko Wolves Unisex T-Shirt
1 Black Trucker Hat
1 Disko Wolves Koozie
1 Disko Wolves Pin
1 Disko Wolves Sticker
BONUS!!!: Digital download of Disko Wolves' album "Feral as Fuck"

All for ONLY $30 plus shipping. Reserve yours now, while they last!


  1. Hole in my Head
  2. Deader Than Fuck
  3. Ditch Drinking
  4. Yesterday's Bitch
  5. I Ain't No
  6. Sluts United
  7. Human Zoo
  8. Drinks with Ruthie
  9. Bones Bones Bones

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